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Adam Mirkin is the CEO of TK MediaWorks, LLC. He will produce, direct and edit promotional videos, design websites for company web pages, offering materials and promotional pieces. Adam’s experiences include the management of art and photography projects for Orlando publications as well creating trademarks for various businesses. He also has work on projects for Disney. Adam was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, where he studied marketing as well as art, photography, film, and computer graphics.

Adam studied art at the Chicago Art Institute and furthered his study in film at the New York Film Academy. Mr. Mirkin additionally studied art in Europe, where he attended Urbino University, Urbino, Italy and Bergamo University, Bergamo, Italy.



Louis Lapat is a Staff Producer/Director at TK Video Productions, LLC. Louis produced and directed an award-winning film, "Depression", which was distributed via DVD and television and was awarded with official selection to a dozen film festivals. Louis was featured on GENART.COM, where he was listed as a "featured filmmaker." He is currently directing a feature length documentary in addition to working at TK Video Productions.

Louis was awarded a Master's Degree in film directing from Columbia University, New York, New York; a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Science from Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts; a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.


Ainsley Fuller is Director of Technology of TK MediaWorks, LLC. Mr. Fuller is the President and founder of Clearwater Services, Inc, a computer and technology consulting firm based in South Florida. Mr. Fuller is Microsoft Certified and well-versed in Microsoft networking solutions and business applications. He has been providing and implementing technology solutions to a wide variety of business and organizations since 1994. He is equally experienced in network analysis, design, administration, and security. Mr. Fuller has developed web streaming, video deployment, and other solutions geared specifically for clients wanting to take advantage of the cutting edge in online and internet media technology.



Stasia Fuller is the Senior Web Page Designer for the Marketing division of TK Media Works, LLC. In 2002 she joined Clearwater Services, a computer software service provider as a web designer and marketing specialist. At Clearwater she gained extensive experience in web page design and in the marketing of websites for various industries ever since. She continues to provide consulting to Clearwater. In 2008, Stasia Fuller joined TK Media Works, LLC as a web page designer. Stasia Fuller is responsible for registration of domain names, setup of web hosting accounts, creation of email addresses, development of compliant password-protected web pages and creative web design.

Stasia Fuller attended University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Florida Atlantic University, Ft. Lauderdale.



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