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Website Development


TK Media Works Technology Staff will create and design the Website. The TK Media Works' Premium Fund Launch Package includes the following Website Design services to the Fund Launch:

  • Password-protected "Lamp Technologies SEC No Action Letter"-compliant website;
  • Individual logins for each authorized user (fund manager(s), current investors, certain potential investors);
  • Domain name registration;
  • Securing of reliable, "hacker-safe" web hosting;
  • Personalized e-mail account(s) setup;
  • Customized web design featuring the Fund's logo, related artwork, and/or selected images;
  • Insertion of content as requested by fund manager (reviewed by counsel and supplemented with legal disclosures as required);
  • Accredited Investor" questionnaire ensuring only "eligible" individuals view the Fund's site;
  • Legal risk disclosures as appropriate;
  • Fund offering documents, presented in PDF format;
  • For current investors: individual investor capital account reports, performance reports; Schedule K-1s (for tax purposes) posted at close of fiscal year.
  • Posting your videos on youtube, vimeo, and etc.





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